How to Backup BlackBerry Service Books?

You will need to backup an older bb device that was activate with BIS on the same carrier.

Then use crackutil: CrackUtil – P3ARStuDiOz

Step 1: Open Desktop Manager and connect your phone
Step 2: Right click on CrackUtil and Run As Administrator
Step 3: Click on the INTERMEDIATE tab
Step 4: Click the Retrieve File Listing button
Step 5: Scroll down to net_rim_bb_browser_daemon and click Remove File From Device (phone will reboot)
Step 6: Go to Desktop Manager and click on Restore
Step 7: Choose the .IPD file you downloaded from above
Step 8: Go back to CrackUtil and click on Load File to Device.
Step 9: Choose net_rim_bb_browser_daemon (phone may reboot)

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