How to Fix a BlackBerry with “0 Tries Left” | Mep 0 Fix | Hardlocked BlackBerry – SERVER DOWN

BlackBerry Mep0 Fix
How to Fix a BlackBerry with “0 Tries Left” | Mep 0 Fix | Hardlocked BlackBerry

This process requires a PC for our technician to connect to.
COST – $65 USD

1. Download and install the pc remote connection tools via: FREETHISBERRY MEP0 TOOLS & download BlackBerry Desktop Software.
2. Send a $65 PayPal payment to:
3. Send us your: Teamviewer ID and pass, the BlackBerry Device PIN, paypal ID to:
4. We will send you a link to download for your device loader file that you will extract onto your desktop.
5. We will schedule a time for our tech to connect to your PC and perform a mep0 fix.
6. Once the loaderfile is extracted, please take out the battery from the device and plus in the unit via USB and run the loaderfile, the device should show “no application linked”. This is wipe the unit entirely.
7. After the tech is done, you will need to reload the software on the device with loader.exe (You must have BlackBerry Desktop Software Installed Usually located in c:/programfiles(x86 for Win 7 64 users)/commonfiles/research in motion/apploader. Run loader.exe and plug in your BB device and follow the installation instructions. Take about 10 mins or so. Please see here for further explanation.

*Please backup your device via BB Desktop Software if you would like to retain the information on the unit.
**We operate in Eastern Standard Time ( -5 EST). Scheduling appointments may take up to 10 hrs depending on workload.

Thank you, Team

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