How to Reload OS / Fix a Bricked BlackBerry

Bricked Nuked BlackBerry

How to Reload OS / Fix a Bricked BlackBerry ?

Does your BlackBerry Device show a JVM error or App Error with a white screen? Want a clean slate on your device?

This tuturial will show you how to fix your nuked or bricked BlackBerry device.

*Please note that all information will be wiped from your unit.

1. Download and install BlackBerry Desktop Software
2. Take about the battery out of your device.
3. Run BB Desktop Software and plug your device via USB cable without the battery.
4. A window will appear, click on update.
5. Enter your email if you would like to know about future updates (optional) and click update and next.
6. Let the OS download and start to install.
7. On the install window, it will say “waiting for initialization”, at this point place the battery back into the device.
8. Let the install finish.
9. Unplug your device and let the device reboot.
10. You have successfully reloaded the software on the device.


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